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This is a listing of the current Board members who are elected at the annual meeting. The term expiration is in parenthesis following the director’s name.   Minutes of the Board of Directors meetings will be posted on a monthly basis.
NOTE:  Prior to building your home, a pre-approval form must be submitted to the Board of Directors (Article 4, Section 4.3b of the CC&Rs).  The form is available by clicking on "pre-approval form" in the bottom right hand corner of this page.

President:  Robin Lipinski (2016)

Vice-President:  Annelle Urbahn (2015)

Treasurer:  Marty Ansell (2017)

Secretary: Cathy Little (2016)

John Urbahn (2015)

Vicki Hughes (2017)

Steve Duerksen (2015)

A revised Code of Conduct for the Board of Directors, 
agreed upon by a majority of the members of the Board on July 18, 2013, and filed on July 22, 2013, is available by clicking "Code of Conduct" at the bottom right hand corner of this page.

The Board of Directors meet at the White Bird Community Library.  Except for a winter break, meetings are held monthly. The date of the next meeting can be found in the minutes of the last Board meeting.  Guests are welcome to attend.

March 5, 2015

Call to Order: The meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by President Robin Lipinski at 10:00 a.m. on March 5, 2015, in the White Bird Library.  Present were Robin Lipinski, Annelle Urbahn, Marty Ansell, John Urbahn, Vicki Hughes, Steve Duerksen and Cathy Little. The guest was Kathy Duerksen.

 Reading and Approval of Minutes of Last Board Meeting: Vicki Hughes moved that the minutes from the last Board meeting held on February 5, 2015, be approved, seconded by Marty Ansell and agreed on by all present.
 Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Marty Ansell gave a financial report of income, expenditures and bank balance. Liens were placed on 16 properties, representing 14 property owners and notice of such was mailed to the property owners in arrears. Cathy contacted Wells Fargo Mortgage in Des Moines regarding the property that, according to the recorded owner, is actually owned by Wells Fargo. The bank has not made any reply. The Board discussed the budget for this year, amending figures and using the expenditures of the past three years as a basis for this year's budget. It was agreed to allow more for weed abatement as the Board felt that two sprayings were necessary to get those later sprouting weeds. As discussed in our last meeting, there will be a significant increase in what is allotted for roads this year. Marty will prepare the budget in written form for our next Board meeting and will also have a handout for the annual meeting in June. Robin Lipinski moved that the Treasurer's report be approved, seconded by Cathy Little and agreed on by all present. 
 Roads and Equipment: Both John Urbahn and Robin Lipinski gave input to this topic. Gravel has been spread on several areas, mainly Gregory Creek Road and Bucks Boulevard. There have been both complaints and compliments from property owners. Unfortunately, with a poor base on most roads, washboards appear within two days of grading no matter what kind of gravel is applied. Robin researched three providers of the crushed basalt for Hammer Creek Road and the Board voted on Camas Gravel to supply us with what is needed. Robin also found three places to rent a roller and it was agreed to use Prairie Rental with Gary Little picking up the equipment on his flatbed. John Urbahn and Robin Lipinski will drive Hammer Creek Road today to estimate the mileage for ordering the basalt. They will also look at several steep areas on Gregory Creek Road and, if feasible, will also apply and roll the basalt there as well. Several large rocks will be removed from the fire exit on Shuck Creek Road to make the road more passable until a decision is made to finely grade the road or not. Annelle Urbahn reported that no one she spoke with was interested in cutting and removing any overhanging brush from both fire exits. Although both John and Annelle volunteered to do the work, it was felt by the rest of the Board that they have provided more than enough volunteer work to TRR. Robin will inquire of the equipment operators if they are interested in doing a little extra work. Robin also suggested asking property owners in our next newsletter if anyone is interested in taking on this job. Robin also reported that the large log post at the entrance to Canyon Road off Doumecq is rotting at the base and leaning. It was agreed by the Board for him to remove the post.

Much discussion ensued regarding the grader as to its condition and need for repair. Essentially, there are only a few options as to how to proceed: sell the grader and purchase a new one, rent a grader when we need it, lease a grader on a monthly basis, or try to keep ours going. It was agreed by the Board that a decision must come from the entire association by vote and Robin will prepare proposals to be mailed in the May newsletter and voted on at the annual meeting. For the time being the grader is usable but could become inoperable at any given moment. Additionally, the backhoe gets very little use during the year and, if the decision to purchase a grader is voted on by the association, it was felt that we should include the backhoe in the trade-in. Any backhoe work that might be needed in the future could be arranged through a local provider.

 Weed Spraying: Three vendors for weed abatement were spoken to by Robin and their charges are much the same but one had better equipment (larger boom, center sprayer). It was agreed by the Board to use Cody Graning who was also recommended by Carl Crabtree from the County Extension Office. Two sprayings will be done to get the late bloomers that seem to appear in early July. John Urbahn will ride with Cody to make sure all roads are covered.
 Lot Owner Construction: No pre-approval plans have been submitted and work is ongoing on several residences.
From the Floor   : 

·         Annelle Urbahn informed the Board that the annual dues at Wilderness Ranch (Pinehurst) are $350.00 a year.

·         As per our Covenants, the gate on Shuck Creek Road will be removed.

 Next Meeting: The next meeting of the Board will be on April 2, 2015, at 10:00 a.m. in the library.
 Adjournment: President Robin Lipinski adjourned the meeting at 12:05 p.m.

February 5, 2015
Call to Order: The meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by President Robin Lipinski at 10:00 a.m. on February 5, 2015, in the White Bird Library. Present were Robin Lipinski, Vicki Hughes, Annelle Urbahn, John Urbahn, Marty Ansell, and Cathy Little. Absent was Steve Duerksen.

Reading and Approval of Minutes From Last Meeting: John Urbahn moved that the minutes from the last Board meeting, held on November 20, 2014, be approved, seconded by Marty Ansell and agreed on by all present.

Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Marty Ansell reported that letters of default were mailed on February 3, 2015, to the 25 property owners who still have not paid dues. Interesting to report was that this year was a record low number of those in default in paying annual dues. Marty reported that there is $113,903 in the checking account and a bit under $59,000 in the money market account. All outstanding bills have been paid and Marty will see to the tax preparation. Cathy reported that a property that has been in arrears for three years is, by claim of the recorded owner, owned by Wells Fargo Bank who did, in fact, pay the county property taxes for the past three years. Cathy prepared a letter to be sent to Well Fargo Mortgage to see if we can get our dues, and the Board approved the letter. Cathy moved that the treasurer's report be approved, seconded by Robin Lipinski and agreed on by all present.

Roads and Equipment: The equipment operators have begun to spread gravel in several areas of need. The condition of the grader was discussed at length - the fact that the equipment might be on its last leg as is obvious with several costly problems that will need to be repaired this year. Discussion as to whether to look for a new grader, keep repairing this one, or getting a leased grader ensued and it was felt to hold off any decision making until brought before the Association members present at our next annual meeting. A blade that can be mounted on a pick-up for snow removal is still being researched. Road conditions in several critical areas were discussed and it was decided to concentrate on Hammer Creek Road which is badly in need of gravel. Instead of applying the usual road mix, the plan is to spread crushed basalt, and, using a vibrating roller, press it into the road bed for stability. Although the crushed basalt is not as "pretty" as the usual gravel, it will provide a firmer base and is less apt to be flung to the sides of the road with traffic. As noted on Gregory Creek Road, all gravel that was applied last November now is on the sides of the road, leaving the middle a muddy mess. Additionally, the washed out area at a culvert on Hammer Creek will be repaired which will necessitate the placement of large rocks to support the steep bank around the culvert. After completing Hammer Creek Road, steep areas on other roads will also be done with the basalt rock. The two "fire exit roads" will be made more passable, both also requiring the removal of overgrown brush and tree branches. Annelle will contact a local worker for a price to clear both roads.

Weed Spraying: Since only three of the five volunteers completed their assignments for weed abatement last year, it was agreed to hire out this year. Although more costly, commercial operators can use Toredon for better weed control over the season. It was agreed, though, to provide two sprayings this year to eliminate the late-growth weeds and grasses that appear along the roads in July. Robin will get costs from three providers to present to the Board at our next meeting. The Board also volunteered to spot spray any areas that might be noticed during our travels over Association roads.

Budget for the Year 2015: All Board members present agreed that we need to budget a sizeable amount of the income from dues on road repair and maintenance this year. It was agreed to allow $40,000 for road maintenance - which would include gravel and operator expenses - as a primary estimate of needs for this year. The repair of Hammer Creek Road will be most costly and done first, but all roads will receive attention this year. It was assumed that with two sprayings for weeds, the cost for abatement would be double what was paid to commercial sprayers in the past. Twenty percent of income for the year will be put in the money market account as decided on several years ago. Other budgeted items will remain the same. Marty will prepare a written budget for distribution at our next Board meeting.

Lot Owner Construction: The two submissions of pre-approval plans last November that had not been approved by the Board have not been re-submitted for approval. Two other property owners who claim to be building this year have not submitted plans although the Board has advised them to do so. Construction is ongoing on Shuck Creek Road.

Non-Compliance Issues: Annelle reported that the collection agency has filed liens on the real property of the Washington gentleman who failed to pay the court-ordered sum over a year ago. Annelle also had a complaint from a property owner about some small buildings on a property which are in a state of disrepair. Annelle will follow up on this complaint. A septic system has been approved and installed for Lot 55, however, it has only been permitted for a one-bedroom residence and has not been connected to the building it is supposed to service.

Liability Issues on Our Roads: Cathy spoke with our attorney who said that our current signs at the entries to TRR which warn of steep and winding roads and "drive at your own risk" is probably sufficient "insurance." Although anyone can file suit for any reason, he doubts there ever would be any liability for TRR in the event of an accident since the signs provide ample warning.

Next Meeting: Our next meeting will be on Thursday, March 5, 2015, at 10:00 in the library.

Adjournment: President Robin Lipinski adjourned the meeting at 11:50 a.m.

November 20, 2014

Call to Order: President Robin Lipinski called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. in the White Bird Library. Present were Robin Lipinski, Annelle Urbahn, John Urbahn, Vicki Hughes and Cathy Little. Absent were Marty Ansell and Steve Duerksen. The Fish and Game representative did not attend the meeting.


Reading and Approval of Minutes from Last Board Meeting:  John Urbahn moved that the minutes of the meeting that was held on September 25, 2014, be approved, seconded by Vicki Hughes and agreed on by all present.


Treasurer's Report: In the absence of Marty Ansell, Cathy reported that all bills have been paid which includes the work done on the pond, materials (geotextile and gravel), and the charges by the equipment operator and hauler. As of today, 35 property owners have paid dues and several have contributed to the snow removal fund.   It was agreed to refund a donation made by a property owner on Elk Run. As there are no residents presently on that road, plowing will not be done.


Roads and Equipment: John Urbahn reported that most association roads have been graded and gravel has been applied to areas that needed it. Unfortunately, the washboards reappeared within two days of grading and applying gravel. Robin suggested that next spring we apply larger rock to the "bad" sections of roads and press it in with a roller which will provide a better base to hold gravel. The Board agreed that this needs to be done, especially on the steep areas. The road by the pond has been repaired with the underlayment of geotextile and several loads of gravel. The road is presently quite stable and wider that before, however, the one way signs were left in place to hopefully keep traffic to the center of the road. The left over fabric will be saved with the intent of widening the road still further next year. Robin reported a culvert that eventually needs repair on Hammer Creek Road. John also reported that the grader has diesel fuel leaking into the oil and, although the equipment is handling just fine, an assessment needs to be done as to the cause. Sending it to the shop at this time, keeping in mind its need for snow removal, is not feasible. John will have the oil changed and monitor the leakage. Cathy brought up a prior discussion regarding purchasing a blade to be mounted on a truck to be used for snow removal. Robin and John will investigate the cost and speak with the equipment operator as to the use of his truck. If the Board and equipment operator decide to purchase the blade, the grader then can be assessed for repairs needed in time for spring road grading. If major repairs are needed on the equipment, the expense will be evaluated as to whether it is worth the cost. The members also discussed the less than satisfactory weed abatement last summer and will revisit the issue at the start of the new year. Options include hiring a commercial spraying company and leasing a sprayer from the chemical provider.


Lot Owner Construction: Two property owners submitted plans for building but neither was approved pending the completion of the pre-approval plan on one and further information on the other. Robin will notify both property owners.


Non-Compliance Issues: Annelle reported that the collection agency was to file in Washington this week and attach to any known bank accounts. On another property owner, the last letter from the attorney has been ignored. There have been no further complaints about the wandering sheep as they are now contained.

From the Floor:

·         Hunting Violations: Cathy had invited Kyle Christensen to our meeting today but he did not show. In both phone and email conversations with him and George Fischer, the signs that we have posted at the TRR entries meet with state and F&G regulations regarding "posting" for no hunting or trespassing. There were six violations on the ranch this year (trespassing and shooting game on private property) but only one was caught and convicted. George Fischer did suggest we change our signs to orange in color and include "no outlet" and "no access to public land." This will be discussed next summer as to whether we will post new signs.

·         Gate Issue:   The Fire Department provided a written statement regarding the gates that were placed on the "fire exit" road that they would not stop to open the gates for passage through. Section 4.6 of our Covenants prohibits gates that would impede access on Association roads. It was agreed that the unlocked gates would remain until the road can be repaired and made passable, at which time the gates will be removed.

·        Robin has had numerous approaches by property owners who feel that the association should be dissolved. He did answer them with the fact that, in the event of dissolution, monies remaining in the TRR account and all other assets (equipment owned by TRR) would be dispersed to a charitable organization as per our Covenants. Secondly, the idea of dissolution would have to be put before the entire membership for a vote. Dissolution would also eliminate a Board of Directors, communication with the membership via newsletters, the annual meeting and website, and Covenants pertaining to buildings, condition of properties and other restrictions to property owners. Since there would be no annual assessment imposed on property owners, the cost of road maintenance would be the responsibility of individual property owners for the section of road adjacent to their property.  It seems improbable that property owners could foot the cost of road maintenance at the present annual assessment of $180.00 a year.  

Next Meeting: to be decided later

Adjournment: President Robin Lipinski adjourned the meeting at 11:30 a.m.

September 25, 2014

Call to Order: The meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by President Robin Lipinski at 10:00 a.m. on September 25, 2014, in the White Bird library. Present were Robin Lipinski, John Urbahn, Annelle Urbahn, Marty Ansell, Steve Duerksen, Vicki Hughes and Cathy Little. The guest was Richard Atkinson.


Reading and Approval of Minutes of the Last Board Meeting: Robin Lipinski moved that the minutes of the last Board meeting, held on August 7, 2014, be approved, seconded by John Urbahn and agreed on by all present.


Discussion ensued with the guest property owner regarding his complaints about his neighbor's sheep (now numbering four) continually wandering over on his property. The owners of the sheep have been spoken with on several different occasions over the past few months as the sheep have "escaped" their electric mesh fencing and subsequently infringe on the properties of neighbors. The guest property owner does not want the sheep eating the grass in his pasture nor does he want the trespass required to round up the animals off his property. Since our Covenants do have a section which requires property owners to "contain livestock," it was proposed by Robin Lipinski, seconded by Marty Ansell, and agreed by the remaining Board members to provide the sheep owners a written complaint from the Board with a requirement that the animals be secured within two weeks time. Although the guest property owner voiced the opinion that he would prefer for the Association lawyer to handle this, it was agreed to attempt resolution by the Board as the initial approach. Cathy Little will prepare the letter for Board approval prior to mailing it to the sheep owners.


Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Marty Ansell reported that the audit performed last month showed no discrepancies and all files seems to be in order. He did say that he thought that the large amount of money in the investment account should be tapped to provide better road maintenance. The entire Board agreed with that. There is approximately $500.00 left in the snow removal fund but to play it safe we should continue to request donations from residents to provide snow removal when needed this winter. John Urbahn submitted a bill for the cost of the geotextile for the pond road repair and for fuel which Marty will pay. Marty also wrote a check to the White Bird library as a donation for the calendar and for using the building for our meetings.


Roads and Equipment: John Urbahn reported that since rain is predicted for the next 4 or 5 days, we should begin some grading of the roads. Robin suggested that since winter comes a bit earlier "up top" that we should start by grading Pilgrim Ridge, Elk Run, Repeater and Bear Ridge Roads. Our primary equipment operator is available to do this as soon as there is enough moisture on the ground. The Board again addressed the weed spraying that was done by volunteers using their own 4-wheelers. Three volunteers ended up spraying their assigned areas three times to eradicate late germinating species, one volunteer did not finish his assignment and another did no spraying at all. It was agreed to either purchase a large tank sprayer that can be mounted on a pickup or to contract with a local service. The disadvantage with hiring out is the fact that emergent weeds keep popping up and some areas require more than one spraying during the growing season. The geotextile has been purchased and it is tentatively planned to work on the pond road on the weekend of October 4th.


Lot Owner Construction and Property Sales: Cathy Little reported the sale of two properties. Lot 40 in Phase III and Lot 63 in Phase I both closed this past week. Construction has begun on Lot 51 in Phase I, and a house has been framed in on Lot 28, Phase II, in spite of the fact that no pre-approval plan was ever submitted to the Board. A letter of request was mailed to the property owners on their purchase of the property. The owner of Lot 34, Phase II, has installed a septic system and provided clean-up of the property but he has not yet submitted a pre-approval plan to the Board for a residence. He also has been contacted by letter on two occasions requesting his compliance with our Covenants. Unfortunately, there are still quite a few property owners who do not feel that the Covenants pertain to them.


Non-Compliance Issues: Annelle Urbahn reported that the collection agency will be placing a lien on any tangible property owned by a former TRR property owner who still has not paid the court-ordered sum as agreed on in mediation. Cathy Little reported that our Attorney's second certified mailing to the owner of Lots 15 and 16 has been ignored. Although there has been obvious work on the "milking shed," the freight containers remain as they were delivered last May and no pre-approval plan has been submitted as to how these containers are intended to be used for a residence. Steve Duerksen proposed we take further legal action, seconded by John Urbahn and agreed on by all present. In addition to the original Covenant violations, our Covenants also state that a lapse of over 30 days of construction is a violation, and offending structures can be removed by the Board if property owners are unwilling to comply.

From the Floor:

·         Gates and Signs on the Fire Exit on Shuck Creek Road: The gate that was missing from the cul de sac on Shuck Creek Road was returned and re-hung, "Private Road" signs were added to both gates, and rocks were placed alongside of the posts so no vehicles could use the road without first stopping to open the gates. This was done by the property owner bordering one side of the road. One of the signs has subsequently been removed. Much discussion ensued as to the condition of the road, the necessity (or not) of having gates, maintaining privacy, liability issues, and the fact that that section of road is written as an Association road on our maps, not a private easement to benefit certain lot owners. Robin moved that we remove the remaining "Private Road" sign, post a "Fire Exit" sign on the gate posts, improve the road so it is easily passable as a fire exit, and continue to leave the gates closed. This proposal was seconded by Vicki Hughes. Robin, Annelle, John and Vicki voted yes, Cathy, Marty and Steve voted no to this motion for its inclusion of having the gates closed. Cathy, in updating the new residences and owners for the EMS and Fire Department on Monday will also check to see if closed gates are an issue.

·         Posting Addresses on Properties: The primary UPS driver informed Cathy that, although he knows where most of the residents live, two new relief drivers will be starting this week and they are required to not deliver packages if no street address is posted on the property. Vicki reported that the same is true for FedEx and she had a relief driver return her package to Grangeville. Annelle researched signs on the Internet and five property owners purchased signs from the site, they have arrived, and are quality signs. One was brought to the meeting to look at. The company is at and Cathy will include a picture of the sign and the website in our November newsletter.

·         Mailbox Holder: Steve Dalgliesh provided the much-needed repair and extension on the mailbox holder at the end of Gregory Creek Road. Steve donated his time but Cathy paid $77.00 for materials which she hopes will be reimbursed as new owners add their mailboxes.

·         November Newsletter: Cathy will prepare the November newsletter for approval by the Board. In addition to an included invoice for the 2015 dues, there will be a request for donations to the snow removal fund, protocol for lien placement, the Board's enforcement of Covenant violations, reminders about posting street addresses, notifying the Board for a change of address and visiting our website.


Next Meeting: The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be on November 20, 2014, at 10 a.m. in the library.


Adjournment: President Robin Lipinski adjourned the meeting at 12:15 p.m.

August 7, 2014

Call to Order: The meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by President Robin Lipinski at 10:00 a.m. on August 7, 2014, in the White Bird Library. Present were Robin Lipinski, John Urbhn, Vicki Hughes, Cathy Little, Marty Ansell, Steve Duerksen and Annelle Urbahn. Guests attending were Kathy Duerksen and Joe Thyne.

Reading and Approval of Minutes of Last Board Meeting: John Urbahn moved that the minutes from the Board meeting held on June 19, 2014, be approved, seconded by Marty Ansell and agreed on by all present.

Discussion ensued with guest property owner regarding his plans for his property which he says includes the building of a residence and the installation of a septic system. He has agreed to submit plans for the residence before breaking ground and to show proof of an approved, installed and connected septic system to both his residence and the building which will be used for living while the permanent residence is under construction. Since he and his family will be leaving the property on August 11, 2014, and not returning until next June, the camper toilet will suffice for a few more days of his occupancy of the "shop." It was stressed by all Board members that compliance with our Covenants regarding construction and completion of a residence and State regulations regarding the disposal of both black and gray waste is mandatory on TRR properties and, upon his return next June, further violations of the Covenants or State regulations will necessitate the Board to take legal action. He also questioned the ownership of the gate across the fire exit road and he was told that all gates across roads, easements or fire exit roads were placed by Red Creek Ranch (dba Twin River Ranch) in 1995. TRR, therefore, owns the gates (the remaining gates that were not stolen or sold several years ago), not the owner of the property adjacent to the gate's placement.

Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Marty Ansell reported that banking business was completed yesterday and an internal audit will be conducted following this meeting by himself, Robin Lipinski and John Urbahn. Cathy reported depositing two checks that were received for pre-payment of 2015 dues. Another property owner has made a partial payment and that will be deposited as well. Marty did not yet find information on what monies remain in the snow removal fund but will check another box of files. Cathy prepared a property owner roster in both digital and hard copy formats for Marty.

Roads, Equipment, Operator, Pond Work: John Urbahn reported that our equipment operator says he will finally be here on August 14, and, weather depending, will be able to begin grading of association roads and repair of the pond area. Robin and John feel that 3 loads of gravel will be sufficient to top the road by the pond once it is prepared. Several Board members had concerns regarding the availability of this hired operator and it was felt by all to have a secondary operator in place for emergencies. Robin volunteered his services, but according to our Bylaws, as a Board member he cannot be paid. A property owner who is moving to his Lot this coming weekend is experienced (just retired from the Ada County Highway District) would be a good choice for a secondary operator. Robin moved to revise our operator contract to read "secondary" and approach this gentleman with an offer, seconded by Steve Duerksen and agreed on by all present. Cathy will draw up the contract.

Lot Owner Construction and Property Sales: Cathy Little submitted a pre-approval plan for Lot 51, Phase I, which was approved by all Directors. Construction will begin next week. Work has begun on Lot 28, Phase II, but the owners have failed to submit their plan. Cathy mailed them a pre-approval form and a short note citing our Covenant requirements. Work has also begun on Lot 34, Phase II, but the owner has also failed to submit a plan. The property owner has been contacted several times to stress the need to be in compliance with our Covenants. The sale is pending on Lot 54 in Phase I. Lot 114 in Phase I has been sold and the new owners hope to move here in October.

Non-Compliance Issues: A second letter will be mailed to the owner of Lots 15 and 16 as the property owner's response to the first letter was not satisfactory. The owners, however, are currently renovating the "shed" on the property. Annelle Urbahn reported that the collection agency has initiated our request but there is a waiting period of 30 days before action will be taken by them.

From the Floor:
• Cathy Little checked prices of laptops in both Costco and Staples and prices were similar except that Costco had a better warranty. The cost will be around $350 for the laptop and $399 for the Office Professional which includes Access (all files are currently in Access). Cathy felt that, since all files related to TRR in digital format are backed up weekly on a CD, transfer to a new secretary could easily be done without the purchase of a laptop. Additionally, hard copies of all TRR correspondence (newsletters, minutes, etc.) are kept in a notebook. All other files related to the website are also backed up on an external drive as well as the backup provided by the hosting company. It was agreed to revisit the purchase of a laptop at a later date.
• Equipment Storage: The owner or the property where we store the equipment has returned a signed consent for this storage.
• New Fire Sign: Annelle Urbahn reported the hanging of a new fire sign at the entrance to TRR on Gregory Creek Road. Annelle has also touched up the paint on several TRR signs.
• Cathy reported that the Registered Agent, Steve Duerksen, has been filed with the Secretary of State.
• There have been several complaints about ATV riders on our roads that do not appear to be old enough to have a valid driver's license. Additionally, they have been seen speeding down the center of the road and not moving aside to allow a vehicle to pass. ATVs are equipped with a warning sticker to not operate this vehicle if the driver is under the age of 16. State law requires a valid driver's license to operate any motorized vehicle. Some parents will argue that this ruling does not apply to TRR as our roads are "private," however, the "public" uses them and unlicensed and underage drivers of ATVs pose a risk, not only to themselves, but to other vehicular traffic on our roads. A note regarding this behavior will be included in the November newsletter.
• The Board also discussed the upcoming hunting season and the usual influx of hunters who are either not property owners or are property owners who feel they can hunt anywhere on TRR without permission. Fish and Game will respond to any call a resident may make regarding hunters who are on a property without permission and it is advised to call them for any suspicious trespassers.

Next Meeting: The Next meeting of the Board of Directors will be on Thursday, September 25, 2014, at 10: a.m. in the White Bird Library.

Adjournment: President Robin Lipinski adjourned the meeting at 11:58 a.m.

JUNE 19, 2014

Call to Order: President Robin Lipinski called the meeting of the Board of Directors to order at 9:58 a.m. in the White Bird Library. Present were Robin Lipinski, John Urbahn, Annelle Urbahn, Cathy Little and newly elected Board members Marty Ansell and Vicki Hughes. Robin welcomed the new Board members and thanked them for participating on the Board. (A brief meeting of the Board was held following the Annual Association Meeting on June 13, and it was agreed to postpone election of officers and business until June 19).


Appointment to Fill Vacancy: Steve Duerksen was appointed to the Board (Bylaws, Article IV, Section 3) to fill the Director position of Pat Hurt who resigned following the Annual Association Meeting.   Steve's term will be for one year.


Treasurer's Report: none


Election of Officers: Robin Lipinski will remain as President, Annelle Urbahn will assume the role as Vice-President, Cathy Little will remain as Secretary, and Marty Ansell will assume the role as Treasurer. John Urbahn will continue as Road Commissioner. Steve Duerksen was recommended as Registered Agent. John Urbahn and Cathy Little will remain as Trustees. The appropriate filings and reports will be made to the Secretary of State and US Bank.


Internal Audit: With a change of Treasurer an internal audit will be done by Marty Ansell, John Urbahn and Robin Lipinski.


Budget: With the review of expenditures and input from the Board membership, Treasurer Marty Ansell will prepare a Budget for the coming fiscal year.


Collection: President Robin Lipinski explained the recorded judgment on the mediation which occurred last fall and the fact that the property owner failed to pay the agreed on amount of $3,000.00. Annelle Urbahn has agreed to pursue the terms of the Lewis and Clark Collection Agency in Lewiston and report her findings to the Board.


Release of Liens: Cathy Little filed a Release of Lien for nine property owners, representing 14 properties.


Annual Meeting Minutes Review: President Robin Lipinski moved that the minutes be accepted, seconded by Vicki Hughes and agreed on by all present. Cathy will proceed with the mailings to property owners and post the minutes online.


Gift Certificate for Outgoing Board Member: Cathy purchased a gift certificate at Oscar's for Barbara Macy in thanks for her term as a Board member.


Payments for Services: Until Marty is filed at US Bank, John Urbahn will take care of any business expenses. At present, there is a bill at Cash and Carry for food for the picnic and from Cathy for stamps and mailing supplies, the gift certificate and the release of lien filings.


Equipment Storage: Cathy will mail a consent form to the property owner for the storage of Association equipment.


Annual Meeting: An assessment of the Annual Meeting was made by the Board members present. It was agreed to change the position of the tables next year so property owners will not be sitting in the dark. Cathy received a call from a resident who did not think the food was as good as in the past. The Board agreed to address the issue prior to next year's meeting.


Road Grading: John Raynor should arrive on June 25th and he will be put to work as soon as he is here. It was agreed by all that all roads will be graded.  No one has come forward to admit to the grading of Hammer Creek Road and the use of our equipment. Since the Board was not notified and the work was not authorized, no payment will be made if the Association receives a bill. The keys have been removed from the equipment and John Urbahn will install a padlock on the equipment doors.


Pond Area:  Three Board members assessed the condition of the road by the pond and agreed that work cannot be postponed until next spring. Robin found a source for the Geotextile and Both Robin and John felt that it would only require three truckloads of gravel to raise the bed. The existing gravel and dirt will be removed for the application of the Geotextile and then replaced along with the new road mix. Robin moved that we do the work as soon as possible after July 4th, seconded by Marty Ansell and agreed on by all present. The property owner that has built beyond the pond will be notified of the dates of work.


Record Keeping: Robin introduced the idea of purchasing a laptop to house all records of the secretary and treasurer. With a change in either the secretary or treasurer, the laptop could merely be moved to the new person or persons assuming the roles. Vicki Hughes moved that we should purchase a small laptop, complete with MS Office for Business Professionals and an anti-virus program, seconded by Marty Ansell and agreed on by all present. Cathy will investigate the cost and report back to the Board.


Next Meeting: The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be on August 7, 2014, in the White Bird Library. Any issues that need resolution prior to that date will be handled by phone and email.


Adjournment:   President Robin Lipinski adjourned the meeting at 11:38 a.m.

May 29, 2014

Call to Order: The meeting of the Board of Directors of the Twin River Ranch Property Owners Association was called to order by President Robin Lipinski on May 29, 2014, at 10 a.m. Present were Robin Lipinski, Pat Hurt, Annelle Urbahn, John Urbahn, and Cathy Little. Absent were Steve Lloyd, Bonnie Bruce and Barbara Macy.


Reading and Approval of Minutes from the Last Board Meeting: Annelle Urbahn moved that the minutes from the meeting held on April 10, 2014, be approved, seconded by John Urbahn and agreed on by all present.


Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Pat Hurt did not provide a handout but listed the expenditures and income since our last meeting. There are still 10 property owners who are in arrears for Association dues. Robin Lipinski questioned whether Pat had contacted the collection agency regarding an attempt to acquire monies that had not yet been paid, although agreed upon in last fall's mediation. Pat will take care of that the next time he is in Lewiston. John Urbahn moved that the Treasurer's report be approved, seconded by Cathy Little and agreed on by all present.


Lot Owner Construction and Property Sales: Cathy Little reported that construction is ongoing and there have been two property sales.


Roads and Equipment: John Urbahn reported that our new operator was here for a brief time this month but would be here permanently in June. While here, Mr. Raynor serviced both pieces of equipment and did minimal grading. Weather permitting, roads will be attended to as soon as Mr. Raynor has moved here.


Weed Spraying: All Directors present reported on the weed spraying that has been done or is in progress. The need for more chemicals is not apparent at this time. An evaluation of the Board's spraying will be conducted during the summer as to both a further need to spray some areas again and the overall effectiveness of our efforts. John did have an accident on one of the fire exit roads, overturning his 4-wheeler, and until repairs are made his area of spraying has not been completed.


Annual Meeting and Picnic: Cathy Little made reservations at both Hoot's and Killgores for June 13th. It was agreed for John to again bring the PA system but the plan is to situate the tables and chairs closer to the Board members. John and Robin agreed to meet at Killgores before the meeting and help Deryl Little set up the tables and grills. Deryl will again man the barbeque but would welcome assistance.


Non-Compliance Issues: Cathy Little reported that the outhouse has been removed and the Board agreed to send a letter of thank you to the property owner. The other property owner with non-compliance issues responded to our attorney's letter, but there are still some issues that need to be resolved. Although a pre-approval form was submitted to the Board for repairs on the "milking shed," there was no explanation of the two "freight containers" that were delivered to the property on May 14. Additionally, the board is requiring a portable non-discharging septic container for use by the property owner while camping on the property or during any construction. A second letter from our attorney was passed on to the Board members for approval and all agreed to have Mr. Wright send the letter. Barbara Macy emailed her approval of both the thank you letter and the second letter from Mr. Wright.


From the Floor: 

·         Annelle Urbahn, in response to the discussion about the freight containers, raised the question as to their appropriateness on Twin River Ranch properties. Discussion ensued as to issues whether such containers were permanent (wheels removed), being used for storage, containing building materials, etc. All agreed that they are certainly an eyesore but each instance of such containers and the reason for them being on a property would have to be individually assessed. At present, our covenants do not mention, specifically, such containers, however, the covenants do specify that all improvements to a property must be compatible with the aesthetics and appearance of the surrounding development. It was agreed that these containers are not compatible.

·         Pat Hurt presented his feelings on developing a protocol for handling covenant violations. He said he thought that any complaint by a property owner should be submitted in writing to the Board or that the complainant should attend a Board meeting with his or her concerns. Pat felt that the Board did not have the responsibility of "policing" the ranch for covenant violations. It was agreed that, at least for this Board, complaints by property owners would be handled in this manner.


Next Meeting: A brief meeting will be held on June 13, 2014, following the Annual Association Meeting.


Adjournment: President Robin Lipinski adjourned the meeting at 11:24 a.m.

April 10, 2014
Call to Order:
 President Robin Lipinski opened the meeting of the Board of Directors at 10 a.m. on April 10, 2014, in the White Bird Library. Present were Robin Lipinski, Pat Hurt, Annelle Urbahn, John Urbahn, Barbara Macy and Cathy Little. Absent were Bonnie Bruce and  Stephen Lloyd.


Reading and Approval of Minutes From Last Board Meeting: Pat Hurt moved that the minutes from the Board meeting held on March 20, 2014, be approved, seconded by John Urbahn and agreed upon by all present.


Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Pat Hurt submitted a handout of income and expenditures for so far 2014. Discussion ensued regarding the agreed upon payment due from a property owner that has not been received. Pat explained that since the person resides out of state, the process for attempting to collect is both time consuming and expensive. He explained that a collection agency can pursue getting the money due and, even thought the charge is 40% of the total, we could expect to at least get something with no further expenditures. Annelle Urbahn moved that we use the collection agency, seconded by Barbara Macy and agreed upon by all present. Pat will make the required arrangement. Pat also reported that we have received full payment from two liens, a partial on a third and a promise of another. John Urbahn moved that the Treasurer's report be accepted, seconded by Cathy Little and agreed upon by all present.


Lot Owner Construction and Property Sales: Annelle reported that a For Sale sign has been posted on Bucks Boulevard. Cathy will call the posted number. A house on Meadowview is expected to be listed shortly. Cathy received two phone calls from people interested in buying on TRR. A copy of our Bylaws and CC&Rs was emailed to both and they plan to visit the properties at the end of the month.

Website: Cathy reports many visitors to our site. Domain registration was renewed.

Roads and Equipment: John Urbahn reported that the grader needs a brake liner on one wheel. No further road maintenance will be done until the new operator arrives in June at which time all roads will be graded and assessed for a need for gravel. Three Board members recommended a local hauler as being the least expensive and most reliable and he will be contacted when gravel is needed. The pond area was again discussed and it seems relatively stable at present so nothing will be planned for this year. Robin suggested we put down tie bar next year to stabilize the bed and all felt that this was a good idea.


Weed Spraying: Cathy reported that Primeland was having a sale on the products we need until Saturday. Robin will purchase and distribute the chemicals tomorrow. Spraying will be started in about 6 weeks. Five volunteers have agreed to do the spraying using their own equipment.


Annual Meeting: Door prizes have been collected by Cathy and Margareta Lipinski and will be wrapped. Cathy will make reservations at Hoot's and Killgores for the meeting and picnic. The newsletter will go out the first week in May and will include Proxies to Vote. There are presently two open positions for the Board of Directors.

From the Floor:

·         Robin received an email from a resident who questioned the legal fees incurred with our suit regarding non-compliance issues, last year's cost of the engineers assessment of the pond area, and how much gravel was purchased and spread. Since all of these issues were addressed at last year's annual meeting with a mailed financial report to all property owners, Robin will direct the resident to review these documents.

·         The individual who purchased a non-compliant property has agreed to submit a letter of intent as to how he plans to bring the property to compliance with our Covenants and a timeline for doing so. He has already removed quite a bit of debris from the property.

·         Two other properties also have structures that do not meet with the conditions of our Covenants and photographs of the structures were reviewed by the Board. Cathy moved that we pursue legal action against the two property owners, seconded by Robin Lipinski and agreed upon by all present. Cathy will meet with our attorney tomorrow.


Next Meeting: The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be on May 29, 2014, at 10 a.m. in the library.


President Robin Lipinski adjourned the meeting at 11:45 a.m.

March 20, 2014

Call to Order: The meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by President Robin Lipinski at 10 a.m. in the White Bird Library. Present were Robin Lipinski, John Urbahn, Barbara Macy and Cathy Little. Absent were Annelle Urbahn, Pat Hurt, Bonnie Bruce and Steve Lloyd.


Reading and Approval of Minutes of Last Board Meeting: Robin Lipinski moved that the minutes of the Board meeting held on January 16, 2014, be approved, seconded by Barbara Macy and agreed upon by all present.


Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Pat Hurt submitted a financial report for income and expenditures so far this year. Liens were filed on 18 properties (representing 14 owners) on March 14, 2014. Letters of lien notice were mailed to the individuals who are delinquent on annual dues. Pat also requested the motion to file a small claims action on a property owner who is arrears for 3 years. John Urbahn moved that the claim be initiated, seconded by Barbara Macy and agreed upon by all present. Pat will be notified to pursue the small claims action. Robin inquired as to whether we received the payment agreed upon at the mediation held on September 30, 2013. It was due on March 1, 2014, and has not been received. Robin Lipinski moved that Pat should also inquire from our attorney as to what action to take, seconded by Cathy Little and agreed upon by all present. Pat will be notified of this as well. Barbara Macy moved that the Treasurer's report be accepted, seconded by Cathy Little and agreed on by all present.


Lot Owner Construction and Property Sales: Cathy Little reported no new pre-approval plans have been submitted and construction continues for the homes started last fall. One property has sold and the new owners were welcomed to TRR by letter. Another property reverted to the original owner and he intends to put it up for sale. Cathy had inquiry about properties for sale on TRR and emailed the prospective buyer a copy of our CC&Rs.


Website: Annual domain registration is again due and will be paid for. There has been no further hacking and insurance will also be purchased to protect the content from loss. Visitors still number about 1,000 per month.


Roads and Equipment: John Urbahn and Robin Lipinski assessed all roads except for Elk Run and Pilgrim Ridge. Cory has begun cleaning culverts and has graded several roads. Cory claims we need gravel badly on what he has already graded. Discussion ensued as to the need for gravel and it was agreed to have all roads graded as weather permits and then reassess the roads after rainfall or a period of use before determining how much gravel is really needed. A preliminary assessment was that we would need 15 loads to a maximum of 25 loads.  Robin has inquired of several haulers and other than one who charges by the hour, the others all quoted $100 a truckload to haul. The going rate for the gravel is presently $100 per load. Factoring the cost of gravel, hauling, operator cost to grade and spread the gravel and other work as necessary for the remainder of the year, we will stay within budgeted funds for road maintenance.   John also reported the need for a new cutter bar and work on one of the tires. Prospective new equipment operators were interviewed by the Board last month and one was hired. He will be available as of June of this year.


Weed Spraying: Robin Lipinski met with Carl Crabtree and we can purchase chemicals for weed spraying at cost. Mr. Crabtree will estimate the amount needed for the 26 miles of Association roads. John Urbahn moved that we purchase the chemicals, seconded by Robin Lipinski and agreed upon by all present. Robin will buy the chemicals. Additional volunteers will be needed to assist the Board members with spraying, and phone calls will be made to ask for help. Assignments will be made at the next Board meeting. (addendum to this...Mr. Crabtree cannot get us a cost price after all, but Robin found a good deal at Primeland)


Annual Meeting: The Annual Association Meeting will be held at 10 a.m. on Friday, June 13, 2014 at Hoot's banquet room. A picnic will follow at Killgore's. Cathy will make both reservations. The Urbahns will purchase the meat, buns, drinks and ice and Cathy will take care of the condiments and tableware. Robin suggested we have door prizes and all agreed that would be a good idea. Margareta Lipinski and Cathy will take care of the prizes. Robin has asked Carl Crabtree to speak at the meeting about weed control on TRR properties and he agreed to do this.

From the Floor:

·         Cathy reported she sent a second letter to the property owner who is in violation of our covenants asking for a written plan and time frame for "cleanup." Those present felt that if no response was made, the Board should take legal action for compliance.

·         Pat Hurt suggested we make the same donation to the library for use of their room for our meetings as we did to City Hall. That will be done.

·         Annelle Urbahn repainted the signs at TRR entry.


Next Meeting: The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be April 10, 2014, at 10 a.m. in the library.


Adjournment: President Robin Lipinski adjourned the meeting at 11:30 a.m.

January 16, 2014

Call to Order:

President Robin Lipinski called the meeting of the Board of Directors to order at 10:00 a.m. Present were Robin Lipinski, Pat Hurt, Annelle Urbahn, John Urbahn, and Cathy Little. Absent were Stephen Lloyd, Barbara Macy and Bonnie Bruce.


Reading and Approval of the Minutes from the Last Board Meeting:

The minutes from the last Board Meeting held on September 5, 2013, were read. John Urbahn moved that the minutes be approved, seconded by Pat Hurt and agreed on by all present.

Treasurer's Report:

Treasurer Pat Hurt submitted a financial report for the year 2013. The more expensive items for the year were the legal fees incurred over non-compliance issues and parts and labor for the backhoe. Nine liens were released with payments of overdue assessments. Presently, there are 37 property owners who have still not paid the 2014 dues and letters of default will be mailed on February first to those who are still in arrears. The snow removal fund began with $915.00 and, with two plowings, the balance is now $415.00. The balance, if remaining unused, will be applied to next year's fund. Robin questioned whether we should impose a "fine" on those property owners who reap the benefits of plowing but do not ever contribute to the snow removal fund. Since it is always the same property owners who make a donation year after year, he wondered how those owners felt about their neighbors not ever making a donation to the fund yet freeload on the generosity of others. It was agreed that we would do nothing, however, if more money is needed for snow removal if the fund is depleted, those who have not donated will be called first and asked to contribute. Pat discussed his inquiries regarding the purchase of Workman's Compensation and Robin reiterated that we should carry it. Pat moved that we purchase Workman's Comp, seconded by Cathy Little and agreed on by all present to do this when a new operator is hired.    Cathy moved that the Treasurer's report be accepted, seconded by John Urbahn and agreed on by all present.

Lot Owner Construction and Property Sales:

Cathy reported that Lots 81 and 82 in Phase I have closed and the remaining lien amount was paid. Lot 21 in Phase I was subdivided into two parcels as allowed by an exception amendment to our covenants and will be designated as 21N and 21S. Phase II, Lot 25, has been sold and Lot 60 in Phase I will revert to the former owner. Construction is ongoing on Lots 57, 105, 46, and 70 in Phase I and Lot 31 in Phase II. Robin reported that a property near his will be put on the market shortly. A double wide was moved onto a lot without submission of a pre-approval plan to the Board.


Although our website was not affected, there was a general hacking into InMotion last month.

Roads and Equipment:

John Urbahn reported that new chains were purchased for the grader and have been in use with snow removal. A new radiator was purchased and installed on the backhoe.  The equipment and fuel tank will be moved to Pat's property as soon as the ground is drier. John reports that the missing part on the rock rake is not necessary and a new one will not be purchased. Much discussion ensued regarding road maintenance for 2014. Gravel will need to be purchased, hauled and spread on several sections of Association roads and grading is needed on most areas. Snow removal has not been kind to some sections of roads as much gravel is spread to the edges of a road during plowing. Robin brought up the thought of buying a truck with a blade and use that for snow removal. It was agreed that such a purchase at this point in time is not feasible.  Robin again revisited the purchase of a large sprayer for weed abatement. Pat suggested that we should be able to spray the roads ourselves using a tank sprayer on personal  ATVs if we had enough volunteers willing to donate their time. The Association would purchase the chemicals. Annelle Urbahn suggested we form a committee to do weed spraying and enlist volunteers ("adopt a road") to take specific areas. Additionally, if a second or spot spraying is necessary, it would be cost effective for volunteers to do the work. Robin will call the County Extension Office for recommendations on which chemicals to use and also inquire if there would be either county assistance or a reduced cost if the chemicals are purchased in bulk. It was agreed that this endeavor will be a trial for this year with an end assessment of cost, volunteer involvement and effectiveness. As to a road plan for 2014, all roads will be assessed, trouble spots identified, cost estimates for gravel and hauling obtained, and a timeline will be discussed at our next meeting. Pat brought up the fact that it was not the cost of gravel that was prohibitive, but the cost of hauling. Generally, haulers charge $100.00 a load just to haul. Cathy knows a property owner who owns a dump truck and she agreed to contact him to see if he was interested and available to haul for us or allow a qualified person to operate the truck. Robin will get bids from several haulers for comparison. Robin also questioned whether we really needed a backhoe. It was agreed to keep track of its use for the coming year and revisit this topic at a later date.


Applications for Equipment Operator and Road Maintenance:

There were two written applications submitted to the Board for consideration. Discussion about the qualifications of both individuals and the availability to provide both road maintenance and snow removal ensued. It was agreed that a face to face meeting with the most qualified applicant would occur before a decision is made. Pat reported that our present operator heard about our "help wanted ad" and recommended a friend of his and also stated that he wanted to continue hauling gravel if we would consider him. Further discussion will take place regarding the use of an operator-owned truck for snow removal, and if that is to occur, a separate contract will be written and the position advertised as open.

From the Floor:

·         Annelle suggested having Cory grade the roads as soon as he was available, but it was agreed that grading at this point in time would be wasted in the event that we had additional snow that required plowing.

·         Robin asked when our next Annual Meeting would be and suggested that we have someone from the Extension Office give a brief presentation to property owners about weed abatement. Our Annual Meeting will be on June 13th, and Robin will inquire about a guest speaker when he calls the office.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting of the Board of Directors is tentatively scheduled for March 20, 2014. The location will be determined as City Hall will be moving to the fire house.


Pat Hurt moved for adjournment, seconded by John Urbahn and agreed on by all present. President Robin Lipinski adjourned the meeting at 11:45 a.m.

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by President Robin Lipinski at 10:05 a.m. Present were Robin Lipinski, Pat Hurt, Barbara Macy, John Urbahn, Annelle Urbahn and Cathy Little. Absent were Bonnie Bruce and Steve Lloyd.
Reading and Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting: Barbara Macy moved that the minutes be approved, seconded by Robin Lipinski and agree upon by all present.
Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Pat Hurt reported that our legal fees now total $6500.00 The road signs cost $134.00, and a $60.00 donation was made to the library. Income was $1385.00 giving a balance of $128,000.00 in the checking and money market accounts. Robin questioned Pat as to the TRR status as profit or non-profit. Pat explained the non-profit status. Cathy Little moved that the Treasurer's report be accepted, seconded by John Urbahn and agreed upon by all present.
Lot Owner Construction and Property Sales: Secretary Cathy Little reported that Lots 81 and 82 have been sold and we will receive $1504.00 at closing from the liens on these properties. Sale is pending on Lot 21B. There still has not been a pre-approval form submitted by the owners of Lot 105 where construction is well underway. Groundbreaking has begun on Shuck Creek Road. A property that had been transferred a few years ago to another person, without a title search, left an outstanding lien of $804.00. Evidently the transfer was to avoid paying the outstanding dues and the original owner still makes use of the property as the "significant other" of the person with the recorded ownership. Barbara Macy moved that a small claims action be filed on the original owner, seconded by Robin Lipinski and agreed upon by all present. Pat will initiate the claim.
Website: Cathy reported two additional attempts at hacking in the past 10 days. The hosting company is investigating and will monitor our site more closely.
Roads and Equipment: John Urbahn says Cory should be back this month. The backhoe will be moved today and brought to Hinkley's to check out the radiator. John will also install a new lock on the rock rake and see if he can fix the ratchet that was bent last year. Robin said he has not taken care of the tree on Gregory Creek Road yet. Robin also questioned what he should be telling those who inquire about the snow removal fund. Pat explained the "kitty" and that donations to it are voluntary although most property owners who donate just add $100.00 to their association dues. If any property owner in Phase III wishes to have an association road plowed, the charge is $40.00 per hour - clocked from the time the equipment is started up until its return to its parking place. Robin reported that he spoke with two equipment operators to provide maintenance of our roads but neither was interested. Robin also suggested the possibility of having a TRR property owner who resides here year round be contracted to maintain our roads and provide snow removal if indicated. Robin also revisited the purchase of a truck-mounted sprayer so we could do our own weed abatement. TRR could also rent it out to property owners for a daily rate and agreed-on contract. Pat also offered his property for the storage of our equipment and fuel tank. Robin will write draft agreements for an equipment operator, sprayer rental and use of Pat's property. Cathy will include an "advertisement" for an equipment operator in the November newsletter.
Non-Compliance Issue: Pat Hurt reported that mediation will take place on September 30, 2013, at the Idaho County Courthouse.
From the Floor:
·         Annelle Urbahn questioned whether our covenants allowed for permanent housing of campers on properties that do not have a residence. It was explained, although interpreted by some as unsightly, our Covenants allow "recreational" use of properties, and infrequent use of such campers is allowed. However, as discussed before, additions or lean-tos on a camper are not allowed. Annelle also mentioned the many mercury vapor lights on the ranch and cited covenants from another sub-division that disallowed such lights. Annelle will write up her thoughts on these issues for possible discussion at the Annual Meeting.
Next Meeting: Barring any unforeseen problems, our next Board meeting will be on January 9, 2014.
President Robin Lipinski adjourned the meeting at 11:55 a.m.

June 27, 2013

Call to Order:
 The meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by President Robin Lipinski at 10:05 a.m. Present were Robin Lipinski, Stephen Lloyd, Annelle Urbahn, John Urbahn, Pat Hurt, and Cathy Little. Absent were Bonnie Bruce and Barbara Macy.
Reading and Approval of Minutes from the Last Meeting: Pat Hurt moved that the minutes of the Board meeting held on June 14, 2013, be accepted, seconded by Stephen Lloyd and agreed on by all present. There is no change to the officers of the Board.
Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Pat Hurt listed the expenditures for the month of June. We spent $215.00 on the annual meeting, $775.00 in legal fees, $108.00 for postage, and $150.00 for gift certificates for outgoing Board members. Liens were re-filed on June 17th to reflect payments received since the last filing. Pat also reported on the work being done by the pond. Steve Dalgleish has purchased all the supplies needed and will capture several springs to pipe under the road to the pond. Pat also said that the property owner, on whose land the springs exist, only wanted Mr. Dalgleish to do the work. Additionally, the one-lane and weight limit signs are ready to be posted. John Urbahn moved that the Treasurer's Report be accepted, seconded by Stephen Lloyd and agreed on by all present.
Website: Cathy Little asked, given the comments that were made at the Annual Meeting regarding the content of Board minutes and newsletters, if any changes should be made to the content of the website. Discussion ensued and it was agreed by all present to make no changes to the website. Inclusion of what might be seen by some as "negative,' in fact, shows that the Board is dealing with issues that impact all property owners.
Lot Owner Construction: Cathy reported on the homes currently under construction. One property owner submitted plans for a residence but failed to fill out a pre-approval form. A form will be mailed to him. Stephen Lloyd submitted plans and the pre-approval form for his residence which was approved by the Board members present.
Appointment of Road Commissioner and Backup: John Urbahn agreed to be Road Commissioner, Stephen Lloyd his backup, as agreed on by all Board members present.
From the Floor:
·         Fire Tree and Map Updating for Fire Department and QRU: Cathy Little reported that she met with the Fire Department to update TRR maps with new homes and also marked maps with ponds that are situated to easily fill a fire truck. Cathy also started getting coordinates of all residences using GPS. Phase II and most of Phase I are completed. Stephen Lloyd has agreed to obtain the coordinates for the remaining homes in Phase I and all of Phase III. Cathy will enter the coordinates in digital format for the Fire Department and QRU. The "Fire Tree" is completed and three residents have agreed to do calling of residents in event of a fire. TRR has been divided into 6 "fire corridors" and only residents in the direct path of a fire (using those corridors) will be called. Robin Lipinski questioned whether we have ever initiated education of residents as to fire prevention or what to do in case of a fire. Cathy reported that we have had representatives from both Salmon River Rural Fire Department and the White Bird Fire Department speak at our annual meeting, and important points have been posted on our website on the This and That page.
·         Equipment/Road Maintenance Concerns: Robin Lipinski would like to do a feasibility study to put out a bid for road maintenance for the entire year. It was questioned that if we did contract those services, would the need to have our own equipment, given the cost of fuel and maintenance, be required. Robin was also concerned with vandalism to the equipment and the danger of a fuel spill with housing the diesel tank on private property. Pat will get several years of the costs related to equipment for Robin by our next meeting and the Board will revisit this issue.
·         Weed Spraying: Robin also discussed the inadequate weed abatement for this year and questioned whether it might be more cost-effective, in the long run, to purchase our own tank and sprayer. Cathy had found a truck-mountable tank with Honda engine at Northern Tools for $2800.00. Stephen Lloyd mentioned that we also might consider, if the tank were to be purchased, renting it out to property owners who wanted to spray their own properties. Since weed abatement has been done for this season, the Board will revisit this idea at a later date but all agreed that his was a good idea.
·         Discharge of Firearms: Cathy reported on the property owner who was firing high powered rifles using tracer bullets last month. Six property owners witnessed this behavior which occurred well after dark with the shots going over adjoining properties and BLM land. The Sheriff's Department was notified. Several of the nearby residents also wanted the Board to send a letter to the property owner to express our concerns regarding this nuisance behavior and the potential for igniting a fire. A draft of the letter was circulated, and those present agreed to send the letter.
·         Annelle Urbahn wondered if we should pay ahead for several months of the rental to City Hall for our meetings. Given the fact that we break for the winter and carry out a lot of business using email, it was agreed to just pay as we use the facility.
Next Meeting: The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be on September 5, 2013, at 10 a.m. in City Hall.
Adjournment: Stephen Lloyd moved that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Cathy Little and agreed on by all present. President Robin Lipinski adjourned the meeting at 11:50 a.m.
June 14, 2013

Call to Order
: Vice President Pat Hurt opened the meeting at 11:35 a.m. and welcomed the new Board members. Present were Pat Hurt, John Urbahn, Annelle Urbahn, Cathy Little and new members Robin Lipinski, Stephen Lloyd and Bonnie Bruce. Absent was Barbara Macy.
The new Board members were welcomed to the Board and given a copy of the Code of Conduct for the Board of Directors for their signature. Robin Lipinski and Stephen Lloyd signed the Code of Conduct.
Election of Officers: Robin Lipinski was elected President, Pat Hurt will remain as Vice-President/Treasurer, and Cathy Little as Secretary.
Road Commissioner Appointment: The Road Commissioner position will be decided on at the next Board meeting.
Next Meeting: The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be on June 27, 2013, at 10 a.m. in the City Hall conference room.
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned by consensus at 11:55 a.m.




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