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Annual Meeting

The Twin River Ranch Property Owners Association holds an annual meeting and picnic each June.  Normally held on the Friday before Father's Day and in conjunction with White Bird Days, the meeting is an opportunity for all property owners to assemble, discuss topics important to the ranch and enjoy meeting others.  Vacancies on the Board of Directors are filled at this time.  Minutes of the meeting will be posted on this site.

June 16, 2017

Call to Order:  President Pete DeSantis called the Annual Meeting of the Twin River Ranch Property Owners Association (“TRRPOA”) to order at 10:34.  In his initial remarks he covered the following items:

·         Reminded Members of the agenda and financial information that was provided when Members checked in for the meeting. 

·         Thanked Trealisa Brimmer and Kelly Lesquereax for assisting with Member greeting and  check-in, as well as Al and Cheryl  Bolden for many prior years of service as greeters

·         Thanked the equipment operators for service on the roads for the past year

·         Thanked Vicki Hughes for her service as a Board member, and current Board members for their continuing service

·         Noted that the Bylaws and Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) had been provided to the Wright Law Group for change in structure only, not content.  Changes in content must be approved by the Members of the Property Owners Association

·         Noted that the Board had approved an annual service fee of $30 for lien filing.  Each time a lien is filed or released there is a fee attached, and multiple year liens must continue to be updated annually to protect the interest of TRRPOA in unpaid assessments.  Previously, the lien fee was assessed once, regardless of the number of years the Member might be in arrears

·         Reported that the Board had successfully sold the Backhoe and purchased a sprayer to reduce the amount of money TRRPOA was paying for weed spraying

·         Indicated that the Board was not a “police force” looking for violations to the Bylaws or CC&Rs.  Complaints submitted to the Board in writing would be reviewed.

·         Reported the expected recovery of an unpaid judgement against a former Member

·         Reminded Members that all of TRR is private property and the subdivision as a whole is posted that hunting is prohibited without permission of property owners.  The Board will be placing a notice in the Idaho County Free Press before hunting season begins reminding readers that there is no public property in TRR.

·         Reminded members to keep their addresses up to date

·         Noted that the TRRPOA follows Roberts Rules of Order.  Roberts Rules of Order allows minutes from organizations that meet less frequently than quarterly to be approved by the Board.  The TRRPOA Board had approved the minutes and they were posted on the website, so they would not be read at the current meeting.  Additionally, discussion from the floor would be limited to 5 minutes per person.


Treasurer’s Report:  Marty Ansell provided the Treasurers report, explaining the financial information that was presented on the handout for the meeting, which contained actual income and expense for 2016, budget for 2017 and year-to-date actuals for 2017.  He reported that the TRRPOA had a healthy checking account as well as a money market account.  He explained that the records are presented on a cash basis, so many of fees from Members who paid their dues promptly in early December of 2016 were included in last year’s income, and a similar catch-up could be expected for 2017.  Only 9 Members were in arrears on Association assessments, the smallest number in years.  He discussed some of the expense variances, including the larger than expected equipment maintenance expense (purchase of a grader tire) and higher than budgeted unemployment insurance expense (tied to the large expenditure for road labor in 2016; the State requires a catch-up tax assessment on actual expense).  Responding to a question from a Member, he confirmed that the actual Assessment figure for 2017 included snow donations, and that while the donations were higher than in previous years, they did not quite keep up with the snow plowing expense.  


Dwight Miller moved to accept the Treasurer’s report.  The motion passed.


Road Chair Report:  John Urbahn reported that snow was plowed from TRR roadways 11 times during the winter, resulting in significantly greater than expected road expense for the first half of the year.  The backhoe was successfully sold for $13,000 less a $255 expense to deliver it to the new owner.  Weed spraying would be an area of focus for the duration of the summer season.  He also explained the rationale for the proposal to reinvest in the purchase of a work truck for TRRPOA to allow for quicker removal of small amounts of snow before it became too deep, as well as to carry the sprayer that the Board had just purchased to combat weeds on a more cost-effective basis.  In response to a question from a Member, Pete DeSantis reported that roadway maintenance definitions were being drafted.


Al Bolden moved to accept the Road Chair’s report.  The motion passed.


Nominations for Board Positions:  There were no additional nominations.  Joe Thyne moved to close nominations.  The motion passed.


While votes were counted,  various members spoke on topics including, but not limited to, new Idaho legislation affecting Homeowners Associations, current construction underway in TRR, the benefits and detriments of being subject to Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, and the desire to have the current CC&Rs available from the TRRPOA website.


Results of Elections

Election of Board Members:  Marty Ansell and Steve Duerksen were returned to the Board for new 3-year terms.


Container Proposals:  The final votes were

·         Proposal  1:  27 votes

·         Proposal  2:  31 votes

·         Proposal  3:  24 votes

As a result of the vote, the CC&Rs and Bylaws of TRRPOA will be amended to prohibit shipping containers in TRR for any reason.


Vehicle Purchase:   The membership approved the purchase of a used work truck by a vote of 73 to 4.


With no further business to conduct, Jeri Weiler moved to adjourn the meeting.  The motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 11:55 AM.

June 17, 2016


Call to Order:  President Robin Lipinski opened the 2016 Annual Association Meeting at 10:30 a.m. and welcomed the 62 members and guests present.  Robin announced that Duck Derby tickets would be on sale at the picnic and that door prizes will be offered throughout the meeting with a big thank you to  those who donated them.  Robin also introduced the Board members and Joseph Wright, Esq., the Attorney for the Association.  Robin complimented all of the Board members for their participation.  Robin also said that Cathy Little would remain on the Board as a non-voting member, only to assist a new secretary's orientation to the position. 

Reading and Approval of Minutes From Last Meeting:  Cathy Little read the minutes from the Annual Association meeting held on June 19, 2015.  There were no changes or corrections.  Pete DeSantis moved the minutes be accepted, seconded by Susan Klaus, and approved by all members present.

President's Message:  President Robin Lipinski discussed the Board's duties, with emphasis on road maintenance, collecting dues, handling covenants violations, and other Association business.  However, Robin stressed that it is not the Board's role to "police" the subdivision for Covenant violations or handle disagreements between property owners that are civil matters.  Robin also discussed the condition of our roads and the fact that TRR inherited sub-standard roads to begin with back in 1996 and that it would cost over a million dollars to bring Association roads to county standards.  Robin also mentioned that he had comments from a few property owners about a dissolution of the Association.  Given the fact that dissolution would require a 75% majority of all property owners to dissolve, it would probably not be a vote that carries, as all remaining monies in the TRR account would go to a charity, and landowners would be individually responsible for all road maintenance.

Treasurer's Report:  Treasurer Marty Ansell provided a handout for those present which showed the income and expenditures for 2015 and to date for 2016.  A good part of the Association savings was spent on the purchase of a new Caterpillar grader at a cost of $61,503 and the major roadwork done in 2015. The checking account presently has $23,000 and the savings account $58,000 for a total of $81,000.  Road maintenance this year has cost a bit over what was budgeted and there are still a few projects to complete.  In addition to road maintenance, which includes weed spraying , expenses also include the purchase of new signs, office supplies, legal fees, insurance, Workman's Comp, tax preparation, fuel purchase, equipment maintenance, mailbox rental, and expenses for all meetings.  Marty did explain that the expenditures under office supplies included the purchase of the new signs.  A property owner made it known that the Doumecq Road District has a budget of $500,000 per year for the same amount of roads as TRR.  Marty also reported that this year's liens totaled only 10 property owners which is the smallest number in years.  Jeri Weiler moved that the Treasurer's report be accepted, seconded by Phil Lesquereux and approved by all members present.

Roads and Equipment:  Road Commissioner John Urbahn reported that the new road grader was a much needed purchase and not only does it handle well, it is much safer than the old grader.  Bucks Boulevard was the main focus this year and gravel was applied to the entire road.  A property owner complained that it was not done correctly and Robin apologized for not having the road compacted but will do so in the fall when the road is moist enough.  New road signs were hung at the entries to the ranch and the entry posts at the Bucks Boulevard and Canyon Road will be replaced.  Board member Steve Duerksen was able to get the telephone poles at no cost and ICL&P will dig the holes for the new posts as a community service.  Both Robin and John Urbahn stressed using 4-wheel drive on our roads and to be extra cautious when road work is being done.  Robin also said that major work will be done next year on the steep areas of Big Canyon and Pine Ridge.  A property owner complimented the Board for the roadwork that has been done as she felt the roads were in better condition than ever.

Website/Fire Telephone Tree/ Lot Owner Construction:  Cathy Little reported that the website now averages 1800 visitors a month and all but one property sale this past year was generated by visits to the Properties for Sale Page.  There have been many compliments as to the content of the website.  Several residences have been completed this past year and there are still a few under construction.  The Fire Telephone Tree has, fortunately, not been put to use as we have not had any recent fires on the ranch.  Cathy identified and thanked the volunteers who are willing to be callers in the event of a TRR fire and urged the members present to let us know if there is a change in your telephone number.  The Fire Tree will be taken over by John and Annelle Urbahn.  John Urbahn also reminded property owners that there are Fire Boxes located on Bucks Boulevard and at his house.


From the Floor:

·         Equipment Operator John Raynor thanked property owners for watching out for the grader and also cautioned property owners to watch out for others on the road.  He also asked that people refrain from throwing cigarette butts out their car windows.

·         Property owner Joe Thyne (Lot 55) presented copies of his six pages of "questions, clarifications and concerns" to the Board members.  Mr. Thyne verbalized to the members present that he felt his family has been a target of attacks by the Board since moving to his property in March of 2011.  He reported that road maintenance does not meet county standards and that snow removal should be included in road maintenance.  A property owner from Phase III interjected that snow removal is not done by the Doumecq Road District past Otto Creek and it had been agreed about 10 years ago not to have property owners who do not reside here year-round to have their dues provide snow removal for those who do live here.  Mr. Thyne moved that Board meetings should be held between 6 and 8 p.m. to accommodate those who work, seconded by Deanna Strain, but the vote did not carry from the members present.  Attorney Joe Wright interjected that Board meetings' date, time and place are at the discretion of the Board members.  Mr. Thyne also proposed that the this and that page be removed from our website, that Board terms should be limited to two, and that minutes of meetings should be approved by all Board members before being posted on the website.  No votes were taken.  Mr. Thyne asked that his printed pages he submitted to the Board be copied and included with the mailing of the Annual Meeting minutes to all property owners.   The Board agreed to do this and copies will be attached to the minutes and mailed to property owners.  Robin Lipinski suggested that we move on to another property owner who wanted to voice her complaints and assured Mr. Thyne that the Board would address his written document.

·         Property owner Tammara Otto (Lots 15 and 16) complained that her initial pre-approval plan for a guest house on Lot 15 was not approved by the Board as it appeared that the concrete slab that was already poured was not compliant with the 30 foot setback of the Covenants.  Ms. Otto said that the new survey completed by the adjoining property owners was not complete and in error.  Ms. Otto also felt that the "cease and desist" letter sent by the Board was threatening, but was assured by Attorney Joe Wright, who reviewed the letter before it was mailed, that it was not.  A property owner said that the Board's  involvement in covenant violations appears to be arbitrary and Mr. Wright stated that it is the Board's discretion as to how to handle Covenant violations, to consider the cost of doing so, and that there is no binding precedence set by prior Boards' actions.  Marty Ansell also stated that prior Board errors or omissions should not set a precedence for how a current Board handles violations.  The adjoining property owner to Lot 15 stated that she would be seeking legal action to have the concrete slab removed.  Ms. Otto submitted to the Board a second pre-approval plan for a guest house now to be located on Lot 16.

Nomination and Election of Board Members:  Robin Lipinski and Cathy Little have terms that expire and Robin asked for nominations from the floor.  Joe Thyne volunteered himself.  Don Desa was nominated by Debbie Little and Pete DeSantis was nominated by Al Bolden.  Voting was conducted and Don Desa and Pete DeSantis were elected to the Board.  Robin welcomed them both to the Board.

Guest Speaker:  Dennis Morris, the Firewise Advisor for the Salmon River Fire Department, discussed preventative measures to initiate on properties to help control wildfire ignition and spread.  Mr. Morris can provide handouts to interested property owners by either calling the SRRFD or himself at 208-628-3959.

Adjournment:  President Robin Lipinski adjourned the meeting at 12:55 p.m.


A big thank you to Al and Cheryl Bolden for greeting property owners on their arrival!

A picnic followed at Swiftwater RV Park.  A big thanks to Kelly and Phil Lesquereux for the delicious brisket, to Deryl Little for manning the grills, to all the Board members who provided the meats, pop, ice, water, condiments, tableware and side dishes.  And a big thanks also to those who brought side dishes and desserts.

June 19, 2015


Call to Order: President Robin Lipinski opened the 2015 Annual Association Meeting at 10:30 a.m. and welcomed the 56 members and guests who were present. Robin announced that Duck Derby tickets were on sale by a library volunteer and that there were many activities scheduled in town for White Bird Days again this year. Ten door prizes will be given at this meeting.

Approval of Minutes of the 2014 Annual Meeting: Secretary Cathy Little asked for a motion for approval of last year's minutes, given and seconded by two property owners and agreed on by all present. There were no corrections or additions to the minutes.

President's Message:
 President Robin Lipinski thanked the Board members for all of their work and support this past year and a big thanks to the Lesquereux's for providing the chickens for the picnic. Robin touched on the roadwork done this past year and also said this was a bad weed year with a proliferation of poison hemlock in Phase II. Residents have complained about properties that are heavily infested with weeds but many property owners live out of state, do not visit their land often, and may not know that their properties are overgrown with noxious weeds. Robin also spoke about other comments he has heard from property owners regarding "behaviors" of others. Robin reiterated that the Board is not a police force to attempt to solve some problems where calling the sheriff's department would be the best answer.

Treasurer's Report:
 Treasurer Marty Ansell provided a handout for the members present which showed expenditures for 2014, monies budgeted for 2015, and 2015 year to date expenses. The largest expenditure went to road maintenance this year which was budgeted by the Board in the spring. Marty reported that income from annual dues was good with only 12 properties on the lien list as of this time. Only half the amount budgeted for weed abatement has been spent so far, but a second spraying will probably be done in several areas at a later date. Motion was given and seconded by two property owners for approval of the Treasurer's report and was agreed on by all present.

Road and Equipment Report:
 Road Commissioner John Urbahn reported on the work done this past year and introduced John Raynor, the primary equipment operator, and Gary Little, the secondary operator, who also provides hauling services for the ranch. John also thanked Robin Lipinski for all of his hard work - operating the equipment, grading, and driving the roller for three days - all as a volunteer. John reported that all roads have been graded and, weather permitting, some will require another grading, mainly to clear the grasses in the middle of these roads which are rarely traveled. There was little snow this winter which eliminated the need for much plowing. Culverts have been cleaned and the fire exits have been cleared of overhanging brush and rocks. Last fall, the pond area was repaired by removing 18 inches of the road, laying down permeable mesh, recovering, and adding several loads of new gravel. So far the road is holding very well. The big project was the application of a basalt/clay mix to the steep areas on Hammer Creek and Gregory Creek Roads and then compacting it with a rented roller. Come this fall, roads will again be assessed but so far there is much improvement in the condition of the areas that were done. It is planned to follow all grading of the steep areas or application of gravel with the roller in the future. Robin also reminded people that our roads were of poor design to begin with as the developers of TRR were more interested in the property layout with little attention to the curves and steepness of the roads. Robin also said to please stay below our speed limit and use 4-wheel drive on our roads. John also reported that weed spraying was done by a commercial sprayer and volunteers also hand sprayed areas where there was thistle outside of the sprayer's reach. A second spraying is planned for several areas.

Website/Fire Telephone tree/Lot Owner Construction:
 Cathy Little reported that the website is still getting between 1200 and 1300 visitors a month. The increased expenditure for the website this year is that it represents a two-year contract rather than last year's one year contract and the purchase of insurance for backup. The properties for sale page has generated much interest and contact with board members, and out of the 5 properties recently sold, four of them were generated by our website. The Fire Telephone Tree has been updated and four volunteers have agreed to do the calling if there is a fire on the ranch. Coordination with the Fire Department is ongoing as new homes are built or properties change ownership. Both the Fire Department and EMS services have been provided with maps, listing of all buildings, GPS for most properties, and ownership of lots. Four new homes have been completed or are under construction. Cathy also said that maps of the ranch and disks with the CC&Rs are available for those who want them. Annelle Urbahn displayed an address sign that 24 residents have so far ordered, and both UPS and FedEx have thanked us for encouraging the clear display of addresses. Annelle also reported the little free library box that is posted on Gregory Creek. This concept is popular in many communities as a way of sharing books with residents.

Equipment Discussion and Voting:
 Robin prefaced the discussion by saying, although the Board could make the decision about what to do with our equipment, the entire Board felt that the outcome should be decided by a vote from the membership. John Raynor was asked to present the condition of the grader and he gave a detailed report on the problems with the equipment and the potential for further problems. Multiple problems include cylinders, brakes, hydraulics, oil leaks, clutch, broken windshield, and who knows what else if the machine was taken apart for repairs. Robin then discussed the options that were mailed to property owners in the May newsletter and the pros and cons of each. Several property owners had questions as to, if a newer machine was purchased, warranty and maintenance, a ball park figure of cost, and would a smaller machine be more practical. Robin answered that a John Deere was preferred because of the local dealership in Grangeville and it was also a more dependable machine, a smaller machine (14' blade) was more practical for our roads, and a warranty would be obtained with purchase. Another property owner asked if the Board ever considered purchasing a compactor or water truck, but the price of renting the roller is reasonable enough for us to continue with that option. Voting was then done by the membership and both the mailed-in votes and those from the attendees were counted. The votes showed a majority of property owners wanted to sell the backhoe and use local providers for any backhoe work and trade in our old grader and purchase a newer one. Robin assured the members present that we would not rush into the purchase of a newer grader but look at all options for trade-in, maintenance and warranty.

Guest Speakers:
 Allan and Melanie Yearsley from the Salmon River Rural Fire Department reported on their activities and the fact that those little red signs with a fire number are no longer being provided or needed. Melanie, as Secretary, has a listing or ownership and location of all residences on TRR and copies of this list are included in all of their fire trucks. The Yearsleys also said that volunteers are much needed and training would be provided for those interested. Fire safety and clearing of combustible materials around homes is critical and SRRFD is available to assess properties and give recommendations to those interested. The Yearsleys also said there are grants that may be available through the Forest Service for assistance in making properties safer. The annual fee is now $95.00 which assures property owners that there would be no further charge for fire suppression by SRRFD. The Firewise site was also recommended for property owner fire prevention education (

From the Floor:
 A property owner questioned what is being done about the freight containers that were delivered to a property last year and are still there and the excavation that has been conducted on the same property. Robin said that the owner, after the Board requested a pre-approval plan, sent a certified mailing to TRR saying that the dozer work was just landscaping around their shed and improvement to their driveway. Although little work appears to be "landscaping," our attorney is aware of the situation and will act accordingly per our covenants.

Nomination and Election of Board Members:
 Robin announced that the three Board members whose terms were up - Annelle Urbahn, John Urbahn and Steve Duerksen - were seeking re-election this year. Robin asked if there were any volunteers or nominations from the attendees but there were none. Jack Reese made the motion to retain the three Board members - John, Annelle and Steve - which was seconded by Al Bolden. Robin asked for agreement from the members present and all were in favor. John, Annelle and Steve were welcomed back to the Board for three year terms.

 President Robin Lipinski made the motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Cathy Little and agreed on by all present. The meeting was adjourned at 12:20 p.m. The membership was reminded that the picnic was to be held at Swiftwater RV Park this year and to park in the back.

A brief Board of Directors meeting was held following the annual meeting.

A big thanks to all who cooked or brought food to the picnic. It was a great afternoon!

June 13, 2014


Call to Order: President Robin Lipinski opened the 2014 Annual Association meeting at 10:38 a.m. and welcomed the 45 members and guests who were present. Robin introduced Carl Crabtree, guest speaker, and the Board members present for the meeting. Robin announced that, due to the weather, our picnic would be at Hoot's, that tickets for the Duck Derby were on sale, and we would be offering door prizes for those in attendance today.


Guest Speaker: Carl Crabtree, weed supervisor for Idaho County, gave an informative presentation about noxious weeds and their eradication and prevention. Carl stressed the need for all property owners to practice good weed control to maintain property values as well as provide sustainable landscapes for wildlife and grazing animals. He offered his assistance to all property owners to help with weed management and planting of native grasses.


Reading and Approval of Minutes of the 2013 Annual Meeting: Secretary Cathy Little read the minutes from the 2013 Annual Meeting held on June 14, 2013. There were no additions or corrections to the minutes. Dan VanLeeuwen moved that the minutes be accepted, seconded by Dan White and agreed on by all present.


President's Message: President Robin Lipinski gave an overview of Board activities for the past year. Robin reported the hiring of a new equipment operator, John Raynor, who will begin road maintenance at the end of June.   John has already provided extensive maintenance on our equipment and, as he is a resident of TRR, will be available on a year-round basis for our needs. Robin also reiterated the role of the Board to maintain roads, provide weed abatement, and follow up on complaints by property owners on what they may perceive is a covenant violation. Additionally, the Board has the responsibility to collect annual assessments and place liens on properties that are in default. Robin also reported that the Board volunteered to provide weed spraying this year and the 26 miles of roads were being sprayed by Board members and one volunteer using personal 4-wheelers and tank sprayers. In the past, we contracted out for weed abatement with a cost of between $1200 and $2000 per year with only one spraying. The cost of the chemicals this year was $600 which will cover repeated sprayings on areas that did not have a good kill on the first spraying. Robin asked for property owners to consider volunteering next year to assist the Board.


Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Pat Hurt provided a handout of income and expenditures for fiscal year 2013 as well as a year to date report for 2014. Presently, the Association has $148,000 in the bank. Fifteen  liens (representing 21 properties)were filed in March. At this date, only 9 property owners (12 properties) still have outstanding dues. Two small claims actions were filed and both resulted in payment of dues. Last fall, with a mediation process, judgment was recorded on a property owner for $3,000 for legal fees incurred on a suit for covenant violations after receiving numerous complaints from property owners. The property owner did not pay what was agreed upon and the least expensive process to realize at least part of what is owed is to go through a collection agency. This will be discussed at the next Board meeting. Annelle Urbahn moved that the Treasurer's report be accepted, seconded by Dwight Miller and agreed on by all present.


Roads and Equipment: John Urbahn reported that all roads were assessed for needs and that as soon as the new operator is here, road maintenance will begin. Although a few areas were graded, two heavy rains have necessitated re-grading of some areas. The equipment has been provided with long-overdue maintenance. Robin reported an update on the pond area. It was thought last year that capturing of water from springs on the property above the pond would eliminate sloughing of the road. However, neither the property owner or the man hired could find any evidence of water coming down the hill from the springs. It was decided by the Board to leave the road as one lane, provide signs to alert drivers and periodically assess the road this spring. The plan is to dig up the road bed, lay down Typar/ geotextile and then refill with base rock and gravel.


Website, Fire Telephone Tree, Lot Owner Construction: Cathy Little reported that there have been just under 1400 visitors a month to our site. The Properties for Sale page has generated many calls or emails to Board members requesting further information, and out of the 8 property sales (and two pending) this past year, 5 of them were prompted by visiting our website. At last year's Annual Meeting there were both negative and positive comments about the content of the site, but the Board decided to not make any changes. There are 9 new homes on the ranch, some still in the process of construction. Cathy also explained the Fire Telephone Tree and the need for property owners to update or send us their phone number. Maps of TRR and a disk with the CC&Rs are available for those property owners who want them.


From the Floor: (many of the questions and concerns were interjected during the Board reports but will be documented here)

·         One property owner had several questions for the Board. Related to the legal fees listed on the Treasurer's report, he wanted to know what these were for. It was explained that the legal fees represented the cost of dealing with non-compliance issues (raised by three property owners) on six different properties, all each having between one and four covenant violations. Since all but one of the six property owners responded favorably, the Board felt it was money well spent. It also shows property owners that the Covenants are not to be ignored, and it is the Board's responsibility to protect them. This same property owner asked how the Board decides what goes into the Board meeting minutes that are posted online. It was explained that the only omissions in the online posting of Board Meeting minutes were Lot numbers or property owners' names, maintaining property owner or client confidentiality as required by our Covenants and Code of Conduct.  As to income and expenditures, a financial report is included with both the November mailing and with the minutes of the Annual Association meeting.

·         Another property owner questioned why the Board did not try to handle Covenant violations without legal intervention, i.e., contacting a property owner by letter or phone call. It was explained that the property owners were contacted by the Board by mail regarding Covenant violations, but all letters were ignored.

·         Another property owner thought that it seemed, to him, arbitrary which violations were addressed. The Board explained that the violations that were addressed were in response to written complaints from property owners. It is not the Board's role to police TRR to look for violations, and although there might be some violations that exist on other properties, no one has made complaint either in writing or by attending a Board meeting with their concerns.

·         A property owner complained that, since TRR did not provide a list of names of property owners or their phone numbers, there was no way to contact a neighbor. It was explained that Association members were queried about having a master list of property owners with contact information and the response was overwhelmingly against such a list being provided by TRR. Ownership of property is public record and that information can be provided by the county for anyone who is interested, not by TRR.

·         A property owner questioned whether we needed mediation volunteers to try for a settlement before taking a property owner to court. Our Covenants provide a clear process for the handling of issues that may come before the Board, whether they be delinquent assessments or covenant violations, and it that process that is adhered to by the Board. As already explained, of the six non-compliant properties addressed last year, only one property owner failed to respond favorably. The property owner was never "taken to court," but a mediation was conducted where the property owner agreed to share the legal fees incurred.

·         A property owner asked if the Association has sprayer equipment. It was explained that Board members and one volunteer used their own 4-wheelers and tank sprayers to provide weed abatement. Other than the cost of the chemicals, those who did the spraying were not reimbursed for their time or fuel.

·         A property owner asked if the Board ever considered helicopter spraying. Two years ago, we had investigated the feasibility of using helicopter spraying on areas that were devoid of trees, did GPS mapping of the properties that were interested and had a reasonable price from the company. However, the pilot took one look at the terrain and refused to spray any area on TRR.

·         Another property owner asked if we could use goats on our roads. The use of goats for weed abatement along Association roads is not an option as we cannot block access to the only right of way that property owners have.

·         A property owner questioned whether the Board could require spraying of weed infested properties, or spray the properties and send the owner a bill, or make a new Covenant to require property owners to take care of their weeds. The Board cannot enter any private property to provide spraying. The Board can only ask property owners to take care of weeds themselves.  The Board cannot "make a new Covenant" requiring weed management that would affect all property owners without the consent of 75% of the entire membership.  If there is a property with a heavy infestation of weeds, Carl Crabtree can be notified for assistance or intervention. 

·         A property owner asked what we are doing about the property owner who has just had two very large shipping containers delivered to the property. It was explained that inquiry has been made as to their purpose and intent and, until we have an explanation, no other action is to be taken.


Nomination and Election of Board Members: There were two open positions for the Board. Cathy Little nominated Marty Ansell, seconded by Pat Hurt, and the members present had no objections. Annelle Urbahn nominated Vicki Hughes, seconded by Linda Wdowiak, and the members present had no objections. There were no other nominations or volunteers from the members present. Annelle Urbahn moved that the nominations be closed, seconded by Jack Reese and agreed on by all present. Marty Ansell and Vicki Hughes were welcomed to the Board.


Adjournment: Gail Chapman moved that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Vicki Hughes and agreed on by all present. President Robin Lipinski adjourned the meeting at 12:40 p.m.


Due to the rain, the picnic was held at Hoot's. A big thank you to all of those who brought side dishes and desserts and to those who manned the barbeque. Another thank you to the two ladies who donated the door prizes.

Annual Meeting June 14, 2013
Call to Order
: Vice-President Pat Hurt opened the 2013 Annual Association Meeting at 10:34 a.m. and welcomed the 50 members and guests who were present. Pat introduced the current Board members who were present for the meeting.
Reading and Approval of Minutes from the 2012 Annual Association Meeting: Secretary Cathy Little read the minutes from the Annual Meeting held on June 15, 2012. There were no additions or corrections to the minutes. Al Bolden moved that the minutes be accepted, seconded by John Urbahn and agreed on by all present.
Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Pat Hurt submitted handouts of expenditures for 2012 and for year to date 2013. Pat reported there is approximately $130,000 in combined accounts. Presently, there are fifteen property owners who are still in arrears for association dues or penalty fees and liens have been placed on their properties. After several complaints from property owners, six property owners were notified about the condition of their properties as not being compliant with our covenants. Only one property owner has failed to make any effort to reach compliance. Pat also discussed the condition of the road by the pond which has been an ongoing problem for years. Although a catch basin and pipe was put in several years ago, water from springs on the uphill side of the road has continued to cause slough-off of the road on the downhill side. An engineer evaluated the area and felt that diversion of the water from several of the springs with piping under the road would probably lessen the erosion. Although the road is now only a single lane, it is quite stable and should easily hold the weight of a cement truck. It was agreed by the Board to capture the water from the springs and divert it under the road. The property owner on whose land the springs are located has agreed to this work which should begin in the next few weeks. John Urbahn moved that the Treasurer's report be accepted, seconded by Dwight Miller and agreed on by all present.
Roads and Equipment: Lew Thompson reported that the roads are in better than normal condition this year but work still needs to be done on steep or curved areas with the addition of some gravel. Lew again reminded people that the use of 4-wheel drive is not only safer but causes less wear and tear on our roads. Trees and overhanging branches have been trimmed and although weed abatement has already been done, he is not happy with the results. Lew estimated that 6 to 10 loads of gravel a year should take care of all problem areas. Our equipment is in fairly good shape and only required minor repairs, however, six new tires were purchased which was a large expenditure.
Website, Fire Telephone Tree, Lot Owner Construction: Cathy Little reported that since the website was posted there have been over 1300 visitors per month. A property owner questioned the purpose of the website - was it for property owners or the general public. Cathy responded that having a website was suggested by property owners several years ago to be a resource for both residents and those who might be interested in purchasing on the ranch. It was requested at that time that the minutes of Board meetings be posted. One property owner wondered if the some of the content of our newsletters and board minutes should be included, specifically mentioning the lien process or non-compliance issues. Another property owner agreed as visitors to the site are not necessarily property owners and this information might be viewed as negative. Another property owner wondered if we could set up the site so those pages were accessed by a password that would be available only to property owners. Another property owner felt that the information currently written on the site was not negative at all but reflective of the Board's efforts to maintain compliance with our CC&Rs. Another property owner commented that he found the site very helpful and it influenced his decision to purchase property here. Cathy discussed the Fire Telephone Tree that was started last summer. Due to the fact that quite a number of property owners did not want to share their phone information and the potential problem of relying on many individuals to be placing calls in the event of a fire, it was decided to delegate the responsibility to a small number of residents to place calls in the event of a fire. TRR has been divided into several fire "corridors" and only those who are in the fire's path will be called. One of the fire boxes is on the Urbahn's property (Lot 58 Shuck Creek Road) and the other at Smith's (Lot 5 Bucks Boulevard). Cathy reported the construction of 5 new homes and groundbreaking for another. She also reminded property owners to submit a pre-approval plan before beginning construction.
From the Floor: A property owner found another internet service provider and, so far, it has been working well. She will provide a contact number of the company. Cathy mentioned the package "bundle" that is now being offered by Frontier which includes satellite internet, phone and Dish network. Dish is also providing internet service in combination with their TV package.
Nomination and Election of Board Members: A property owner questioned the liability issues that could arise in being a Board member. Pat Hurt and Cathy Little explained the insurance coverage for Board members and that no action was to be taken by an individual Board member without approval by Board majority. Two property owners, Stephen Lloyd and Robin Lipinski, and one visitor, Bonnie Bruce, volunteered for open positions. Cathy Little was seeking re-election. There were no other volunteers or nominations so no vote was required. Stephen Lloyd, Robin Lipinski and Bonnie Bruce were welcomed as the newest members to the Board, and Cathy Little will continue on as a Board member.
Adjournment: Annelle Urbahn moved that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Al Bolden and agreed on by all present. Vice-President Pat Hurt adjourned the meeting at 11:27 a.m.




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